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Water Based Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD's)


Kamthane PC4601 is an NMP free, aliphatic, fluorinated Polycarbonate hybrid polyurethane dispersion exhibiting outstanding properties in terms of adhesion especially to concrete & other substrates. Good UV stability and chemical resistance for use in various industries.

Typical Properties
Type : Anionic urethane hybrid dispersion
Appearance : Translucent, yellowish-milky
Total solids (% w/w) : 36 +/- 2%
pH (25°C) : 7.5 - 9.0
Viscosity, cps : 40 - 160
Solvent : 1.2%
Density of dispersion (20°C; kg/l) : 1.03
Konig Hardness : 160
Freeze/thaw stability : stable
Film Properties

Excellent penetration and adhesion to a large variety of substrates
Good water, solvent, chemical and abrasion resistance
Good flow and leveling properties

Recommendation For End-use

Concrete substrates
Floor and wall coatings
Multi-surface and joinery paints
Parquet lacquers

General Guidelines

Kamthane PC-4601 would require addition of coalescent agents for film formation.
Kamthane PC-4601 can be combined with some acrylics.